Windows 7: Create new domain profile with the same name as an existing one

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  1. Rename the user’s profile folder to Bob.old
  2. Logged in as an admin, go to Control Panel → User Accounts → Manage User Accounts. Domain accounts show there after an initial login.
  3. Delete the account for Bob
  4. Open regedit and make sure that the user is no longer in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. Delete it if present, even if it is followed by “.bak”.

Then you can login as bob to recreate the local user profile, then copy your user data into it. “


I’m on Android

– Hello, i am Kaigara and i’m on Android.

– Hello Kaigara!

I’ve made the switch, i put to sleep my old and wonderful Nokia E51 and bought a Motorola Defy Plus. I know…i know.. he who is without sin, to throw the stone first.

After months of comparing, testing, reading blogs and websites, talking to people i finally decided to go with an Android smartphone over other smartphones like Symbian (yes, even if it’s dead), iOS, Windows Phone.

What were the key buying points:

  • i am a linux user and i wanted a similar open environment (so iOS and WP are down);
  • i wanted a rugged smartphone to take on cycling trips, with enough screen space but with good battery life (Motorola Defy Plus wins over Samsung Galaxy Xcover and Sony Ericsson Xperia Active);
  • a good price/quality ratio (i think).

What i don’t like in Google’s services and products is that they gather every data from your device/service, this being a really big no no for me, but i think, hey, if someone, anyone will really want  to track me and know every step i make, they will know. Anyways, if you plan to bomb something, you don’t post your progress on Twitter or gather Likes on Facebook.

I really don’t care how many apps are on the Store, i’m not an avid user of social networks and i don’t care how much integrated are those services or any other services with the phone system.

There are many online debates, pros and cons, fights about how that OS is better then he others, how a smartphone maker have the best product, about the killer app, the iPhone killer which i really think it’s all rubbish (the majority of stuff on the internet is rubbish but that is another story).

To put it simple, a smartphone is good, is friendly and useful, just like a mini computer that can handle small and frequent tasks that otherwise requires a computer or laptop.