Speed boost for Dolphin browser

What if the fastest android browser (Dolphin) is running slow?!

It’s pretty dead simple: just don’t use themes !!!

From the day i put a theme on Dolphin, i saw a drastic decrease in speed so after a few weeks i removed the theme and stayed with the plain default green color.

How to remove the theme:

  1. slide your finger from the right (facing the phone) edge of the screen;
  2. tap Themes;
  3. tap Color and chose a plain color of your taste;

NOTE: i’m doing this on my super fast as a slug Motorola Defy plus, so on other devices, Dolphin will work great with Star Wars running live as a background.


IDE for Python with VIM

MacVim icon, glossy style

Image via Wikipedia

As a newbie in learning programming with Python and Django, i tried to find a good environment for doing this.

I used in the past ERIC Python IDE and i was very pleased with it and i tried Stani Python Editor which is also a good and efficient Python IDE.

Then i tried Eclipse with Pydev plugin for a while, a great arsenal and i used also for Django.

I don’t know why but i wanted a more clean, quick and dirty solution, something like VIM in the text editor world. And i came across this:


Of course your favourite search engine will give you tones of pages related to making VIM a Python IDE but anyway, this is what helped me most.

I only installed MiniBufExplorer, NERDtree and enabled the native omnicomplition or the python plugin and tweaked the .vimrc settings file a little :), but only those things made my life so much easy for Python and Django development.

Tips and tricks:

– First thing in Vim i open NERDtree:


You can start typing : then NER and then press the [Tab] key for autocompletion of the name.

– Browse your project with the arrow keys and press [Enter] to go in the directory or to open a file

– If you followed Alain’s tutorial you should have installed the movement hotkeys between windows in Vim.

If this is set, jump from window to window with Ctrl+arrows in what direction you want to go.

– To cycle through the buffers (tabs), while in the main editing window you can press Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab

Get used to moving between open windows with Ctrl+arrows and cycling the buffers with Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab, you will make wonders.

For now, these tweeks work great for me but feel free to add plugins to your arsenal and enjoy Vim and Python.

About Python programming language

There is a big growth in people adopting Python as a programming language for almost everything from simple scripts to applications to web programming to network programming and many more.

Now, Python is used for scripting in almost all great 3D animation and composition software, like Maya, Softimage XSI, Houdini, Blender, Nuke, Lightwave CORE (soon i hope) etc.

For starters, please go to www.python.org/about/  and read about Python to see if it’s for you.

I am just starting programming and i choose Python because:

  • it’s FREE and Open Source;
  • it’s very easy to learn, it has very clear syntax and reading a Python program is somehow similar to reading plain english;
  • it is used for scripting in major 3D and composition apps;
  • it’s dynamic, high-level, object oriented programming language (for newbies like me this line it’s translated as “modern”);
  • it has a huge user-base so you can find help/tutorials and example code very easy;
  • it’s platform independent so your Python programs will work on Windows, Mac an Linux;
  • it’s portable, just like Linux, people will install it if they could even on washing machines. Python is now ported on Symbian phones as PYS60.

Download Python (Try to stick to version 2.6.x) and use it if you want to:

  • learn programming
  • automate stuff, like, renaming 1000 photos in a directory or making back-ups of your hard-disk at different time frames
  • build applications (also with GUI – graphical user interfaces) and eve games
  • create web-sites with dynamic content
  • create a script to distribute rendering in a network of computers
  • build script/plugins for Maya, XSI, Houdini, Blender, Nuke
  • the list is limited only by your imagination

Next i will point you to where do i think, as a newbie, you have to go to get started with learning Python (i’m sure you can Google out the matter:) ).

Probably the best Ubuntu tutorials website

If you are a Linux beginner and you are looking for a clean, easy to use yet very powerful Linux distribution, i really recommend you Ubuntu. (The latest version is 9.10 also called Karmic Koala).

Off-topic: If you search something on the internet, you are likely to find the same piece of information in hundreds different websites.  I think this is because people want so desperately to grow content. In this blog  i will try to limit content you can find on other really obvious places, like i will never put a “How to install Ubuntu 9.10 tutorial” when you can just go to the Installation Instructions on ubuntu.com

I think it will help you much more if i point you, let’s say,  to an application and show my opinions, pros and cons from real time production and let you go to the website, read a little about it, download/install the app following instructions on the official website.

So, one websites packed with very interesting tutorials/tips and tricks for Ubuntu, please go to www.ubunter.com ……great content and very clean info packed in good looking tutorials and one thingk more…..the guy has waaaaaaaayyyyy too cool themes and wallpapers 🙂