Open/save .xls email attachments on Android

It comes a time in your android phone owner saga when you will receive an email with an excel file attached, you open the email with the stock email app, and surprise, “unsupported file type” and you can’t view or download the file.

Of course if you use the Gmail app with your Google account it’s alright, you can preview and download an .xls file but what if you don’t use the Google email account?!

So what?! Why should Google care if you want to use another email app or some crazy email account you use for 15 years?! How they can filter your life?!

Luckily there is a solution:

  1. Install K-9 email app from F-Droid, check the installation process here;
  2. Setup your email account: i entered the email and password and K-9 handled all the setup process.
  3. There are lots of settings, but all i did was to setup the download folder to /mnt/sdcard/Messaging (in the K-9 app, tap Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous > Save attachments to…). The default path is the root of your sdcard and i don’t find it convenient.

K-9 is a full featured email client and you can open and save excel files.

Have fun! ^-^