How to choose a Cloud service

As a technology user, it comes a time when the services you use have grown in numbers, so you may end up with: a Dropbox account, a Gmail account, a Facebook account, an Evernote account, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, even an Apple account (if destiny turn the back on you 🙂 ), forum accounts maybe, and the list goes on. That’s a lot of passwords to remember. Of course you can have the same or similar password for all the apps but may be a serious risk in case of an identity theft. If an account gets hacked, you can lose all your other accounts.

 To solve that you can use:

  1. An app that can manage all your passwords.
  2. An ecosystem of apps and devices, like Google, Windows, Apple etc. The benefits of that approach is that you have a single account for all of your data, platforms, services and the tight integration of all your software between your devices: desktop, laptop, phone, tablet and so on. Eg.: You start an email on your laptop, you go out, reach for your phone, open the email application and boom, your draft is there and you can continue typing.

For what i have seen around internet involving everyday technology users, people split in two main categories with the associated top priorities:

1. Open people – likely to use and ecosystem.

– they are the majority of internet users these days and i’m not talking only about Facebook, Instagram and online games user, i am also talking about power users that really know their way around internet.

– they don’t care too much about privacy or how the service providers use their data. That doesn’t mean they are unaware, simply they want to get the job done fast.

2. Aware people – likely to use decentralised services:

– they care for their online data privacy. Not like they have something to hide, they just don’t want anybody to know their everyday life.

– they don’t want to have all the eggs in one basket. Lots of accounts for different services is better than 1 account to rule them all. If 1 account gets hacked, the others will be pretty much safe.

– they let fractions of their life with each service provider. Facebook will get the family stuff, Dropbox the work files, Evernote the planning, Gmail the emails.

– they don’t put their World Domination plans in the Cloud.

Now, what if you have a Windows desktop, an Apple phone and a Linux laptop?

You will try to use a combination of cloud based ecosystem and cross platform apps to sync the data between devices.

That is, you can access your Google/Microsoft account from any device using a web browser or the corresponding desktop/mobile apps.

So, what i recommend:

– an ecosystem account like Google/Microsoft/Apple, frequently changing the password – Good for speed, integration, getting the job done.

– multiple accounts for different services – Good for privacy, with proper management it will get the job done.

In the end, remember this:

  1. Nothing is free.
  2. Don’t put anything online that you will regret after a security breach.
  3. Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want a stranger to get access.
  4. Personal things are not things you put on someone’s pocket. If you do that, be sure it’s someone you trust.
  5. BACKUP data on DVDs or other online services.
  6. SD cards can get epic fail! Don’t think if it’s on your phone that you treat with care it will live forever.
  7. Go outside more! Don’t waste your life in front of a screen for unimportant things.
  8. Have fun!

The story of Nokia MeeGo by TaskuMuro

MeeGo Handset Launcher from MeeGo 1.1 “Day 1”

MeeGo Handset Launcher from MeeGo 1.1 “Day 1” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A very interesting read about Nokia’s MeeGo

Here is the article and no further comments.

I just love Nokia but i’m not happy with Windows Phone on their devices….i know they are!

Mobile Wars !!!

English: Graph showing global smartphone marke...

English: Graph showing global smartphone market share for Q2 2011 When updating this graph, please check its usage and update the captions and refs in articles which link to it. Thanks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently we’ve purchased a smartphone, the first smartphone in the house and it’s used by my wife primarily, the gadget in case being a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.
Me being techie, i spend some weeks searching and comparing and testing and asking and reading and viewing tones of reviews to find a smartphone that will be:affordable, with a good camera phone to take pictures and to film the kid, with a large enough screen for browsing and games and last but not least, the biggest selling point for a woman……….to be beautiful !!!

During all the searches i saw this whole pros and cons online about smartphones and anything related and i really didn’t like what i saw! Are you guys (those fighting to death for some phone’s supremacy) for real?!

The main claims on the internet are:

  1. “You shouldn’t buy a Symbian, it will die soon, the OS is old and laggy and can’t keep up with the iOS and Android features, the Ovi Store have a small number of apps compared to others, veeeeery small number of apps maaaaaan”. Why should i care if there are 10 million apps in an application store?! Who needs those apps?! What do all the people do with a smartphone, talk on the phone (duh!), send messages, check/write email, browse the internet, keep in touch with Facebook and Twitter friends, use the organizer features, play games, take pictures, use GPS, ALL OF THIS BEING PREINSTALLED ON ANY SMARTPHONE. Maybe you will find replacement apps , better apps, it’s ok,maybe you’ll play games like crazy, do it but please tell me if there are so many apps in another market that you lack in another.
  2. “No dual-core?!?!?  The competition  have quad-core!!!”.  This is something style. Even if they’ll preview a mobile phone with the only feature is to make phone calls because the manufacturers wanted the only thing this phone will do, they will say that. o.O. Anyways, in what life threatening situation you will come in life when going to homescreens in a quarter of a millisecond will save your ass?! Ok, ok, you want to play the latest 3D games, ok, but do you know how fun Wii, PS or Xbox are?!
  3. “3.5 inch screen is too small. Come on…how will you use the phone?!?! You need at least a 4 inch!”. iPhone is doing just great with all those 3.5 inch screens.
  4. “The phone battery wouldn’t last long”. The majority of smartphones on an average use, you have to recharge the phones after two days.
  5. “There is no front facing camera and you can’t make video calls”. I see that very often. Who cares?! You talk most of the time with people you meet often and for other situations you can use Skype and stuff. In the good old days, seeing and talking about how the other have changed was one of the best things.
  6. “I found it at PhoneIndia for only 9.500 RS”. Guys, it’s not hard but not handy to convert rupies in another currency. Anyways, we have online, updated daily all the prices of the phones in India.

I just don’t get it! Maybe it’s all about marketing, payed evangelists or pure fan boys/girls but don’t you think it’s too much?! You know…when you’re looking that much on the smartphone’s screen, you’re loosing many more interesting things.