The Dark Side of Photography

Just look at the detailed specifications on Nikon Rumors of the new Nikon D5:

This in particular:

  • Highest ISO: 102,400
  • Extended sensitivity Hi5: ISO 3,280,000

ISO 3 million something!!! Keep that in mind…


Is this for real ?!?!



– Hey Evolution!!! You’ve got pretty lazy lately!!!




In 200+ years of photography we didn’t understand light completely and now we have to understand darkness?!?!


I just imagine a chat of a newbie photographer with a pro:
Newbie: What can i do to make great photographs?
Pro: You see maaan….you just gotta see the darkness.
Newbie: ?!?!?!


So we have image sensors that can see in plain darkness, but on top of that you can see a dark night light in daylight?!?! WTF?!?!
What will come next?
1. You will put 2 image sensors on your sunglasses and use the sunglasses to see at night? Once and for all, the sunglasses will benefit from their real name: sunglasses = glasses that bring the sun.
2. We will take photographs of black holes and get the real atoms of dark matter in a RAW file.
3. Adobe will switch Dodge and Burn together.
4. Kylo Ren will join the Light Side of the Force and he will dress like Snow White.
5. The Golden Hour will be at midnight.
6. Bats will be photographer’s best friends.
7. Flash units will substract light.
8. If your indoor pictures are not good enough, turn off the light.
9. Pixels will become darkxels.
10. The maximum aperture will be f/350 and the fastest shutter speed will be 2 weeks.
11. There will be only one White Balance preset: Pitch Black.
12. Lightroom will have a new module: “Black Hole Adjustment”:
May the ISO, light your Dark Side! ^-^



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