Google Android fails (or not)

In the past months i’am using an Android smartphone and i’m trying to see the in and out of the software. For me is the best OS, that’s why i bought one instead of an iOS or Windows Phone smartphone but adding in the desire of Google to know everything about everybody lead to some great fails in my opinion. Some will consider fails, some can say it’s arm twisting, some will say it’s Google’s business model and strategy, or some may say it’s their freakin’ business and they do what they want with their OS and if you don’t like it get something else, all this i consider being fair points of view.

Like many others in the world, i got disappointed in Google because they want to know absolutely everything, period. And they very pushy about this, here is why:

  1. As you search more and more on Google, you will get as time passes, the same results even if you’re searching for variations of a topic;
  2. A friend told me he searched once for a washing machine or something, for his mother and for months, all the adds he saw were all with washing machines. Ok, i searched, maybe i bought it, i’m not searching anymore, screw the washing machine;
  3. When you search for a driver, the first links are with websites that first request you to install some obscure driver scanner and through that you should install the driver you want. Wouldn’t be normal to get the official driver page as the first results?;
  4. Android: In the Favourites, Most likely contacts there is ALWAYS the only contact i have on Google+ and i call him once in two weeks. In the Frequently contacted, he is ALWAYS in the first 5, although there are more then 5 contacts i call more frequently;
  5. Android: You can’t add birthdays in the calendar but you can when you sync your contacts and calendar with Google;
  6. Android: If you don’t use the stock browser and use let’s say Firefox, and don’t use the Google Search and you use DuckDuckGo, if you have turned on Google suggestions i think it’s like using the Google search. Even if you tap on other search engine link, typing in with that option on, it’s sending the request to Google and receiving the suggestion;
  7. Putting on the best Google proof vest may protect you, but that doesn’t give you the certainty you’re invisible.

There are many flows and limitations in Android but i’m pointing out the most annoying for me.

Yes, i’m using an Android phone and yes, i’m doing what i can to avoid Google services but i don’t go extreme on that and i don’t suggest getting paranoid over that, if a service will really make my life easier, i will use it. If some people or organizations really want to know something about you, trust me, they will.

The majority of people with a normal life don’t bother putting their life online, they don’t do anything wrong, they don’t have anything to hide and hey, you’re more interesting online then in real life.

On the other hand, if you plan on bombing something, opening a Facebook page to post your progress for that, might not be such a good idea.


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