Debian Wheezy (Testing) + Gnome3

Debian Wheezy

Debian Wheezy (Photo credit: Diavolo.)

I finally decided to do an upgrade from Debian Squeeze to Debian Wheezy. And i did it!

Debian Squeeze is the stable release of Debian and the step under stable is testing. The testing branch is s step down in stable software but in fact seems pretty stable to me.

I did a clean install with a Debian Wheezy netinstall cd. I kept my old /home folder during the installation this translate to:

DON’T FORGET to mount your existing /home partition BUT MAKE SURE to say at format, NO and keep your data!!!

– Keep your user name and passwords exactly as the old ones.

The best thing for me after installing Wheezy is having Gnome 3. I know, a lot of you hate Gnome 3 but to be honest, i kindda love it until now. He just need a little love from you, play a little with it and try to understand the philosophy behind and trust me, it’s a great improvement.

I will not post pros and cons but i think you will benefit more from a Getting started (i didn’t fully explored Gnome 3 and maybe there are things that you can/can’t do anymore), so here we are:

– first do a search on Gnome 3 shortcuts and read them.

– your windows will have only the close button, the biggest shock is you will beg for the minimize button. I didn’t die without it, but i felt frustrated, now i’m just fine thank you.

the key is the Super Key, or Windows Key if you like. Press the key and start typing a name and see what happens.

– try to get used to Alt-Tab and Alt-` (the key above Tab), try to figure out what is the difference. HINT: Open multiple instances of an app.

– explore!

Have fun and show Gnome 3 some love will ya?!


2 thoughts on “Debian Wheezy (Testing) + Gnome3

  1. I was shocked first when I saw Gnome 3 in Wheezy, but now I am running the fallbak mode ( on a nVidia GTX 590) with compiz and I am quite happy about it, cause it offers a desktop experience as I knew it and not an app centric pseudo-cool tablet style gui that takes away productivity. That’s my way to show Gnome 3 some love, the Gnome-Shell though will never get any love from me, whenever I try to get accustomed to the Shell I usually end up extremely frustrated rebooting my system after max 10 minutes of being lost in sidebars, overlays , a cluttered screen filled with giant sized neat kid-style icons and obscure keyboard shortcuts without having the slightest Idea on which of the workspaces which of my various instances of my programmes ( I have a desktop computer not a mobile device with apps) are running.
    The day the fallback mode goes away will be the day that I delete all Gnome stuff from my systems.

  2. I was on fallback mode after the wheezy install but i did everything to see what Gnome Shell is like, so for installing the nvidia drivers i was in the Matrix and back, blue pill and red pill, went to the moon and back, fight the dragon , get the girl, trade the girl for the drivers and so on. šŸ™‚

    I like it for now as i said, i open a terminal, gimp or darktable and iceweasel for the majority of time, so i don’t need much, the only thing that bothers me is that i cannot have desktop shortcuts, on a 24″ monitor is really waste of space. šŸ™‚

    Everybody try to make something similar to tablets and smartphones but me, i won’t buy a tablet or an android phone, iphone etc.

    Like everything on Earth, some will like it some won’t. šŸ™‚

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