Darktable Photo Workflow – debian amd64 packages

darktable darkroom mode

Image by jsogo via Flickr

The best digital photography workflow piece of software i found is the amazing darktable and because i’m on Debian GNU/Linux and there are no debian packages i put together darktable amd64 debian packages for you. This is my first try to make a debian package, it worked for me and i hope it will work for you and you will enjoy this great app. I don’t know if there is some kind of license for this and if i’m doing something not right please let me know.

  1. Right-click on this link and save the file on your computer: darktable_0-8-debian-amd64
  3. Extract the .tar archive
  4. Install darktable, darktable-dbg, darktable-plugins-legacy, darktable-plugins-legacy

Basically what i did was first to go to the darktable website and read about installation(point 4.3 in particular). Then i went to Pascal de Bruijn PPA and downloaded the necessary files plus the lcms2 library because in aptitude i found only the libcms1-dev library. First i build the lcms2 lib in a debian package and then the darktable files also in a debian package. I installed the debian .deb packages with right-click on the .deb files and choosing Open with GDebi Package Installer and boom, darktable was on Applications>Graphics>Darktable Photo Workflow Software.

Have fun !!!


3 thoughts on “Darktable Photo Workflow – debian amd64 packages

  1. I just discovered darktable a little while ago and was disapointed that it wasn’t available for Debian. However, it just showed up in the unstable (sid) repo yesterday.

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