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As a newbie in learning programming with Python and Django, i tried to find a good environment for doing this.

I used in the past ERIC Python IDE and i was very pleased with it and i tried Stani Python Editor which is also a good and efficient Python IDE.

Then i tried Eclipse with Pydev plugin for a while, a great arsenal and i used also for Django.

I don’t know why but i wanted a more clean, quick and dirty solution, something like VIM in the text editor world. And i came across this:

Of course your favourite search engine will give you tones of pages related to making VIM a Python IDE but anyway, this is what helped me most.

I only installed MiniBufExplorer, NERDtree and enabled the native omnicomplition or the python plugin and tweaked the .vimrc settings file a little :), but only those things made my life so much easy for Python and Django development.

Tips and tricks:

– First thing in Vim i open NERDtree:


You can start typing : then NER and then press the [Tab] key for autocompletion of the name.

– Browse your project with the arrow keys and press [Enter] to go in the directory or to open a file

– If you followed Alain’s tutorial you should have installed the movement hotkeys between windows in Vim.

If this is set, jump from window to window with Ctrl+arrows in what direction you want to go.

– To cycle through the buffers (tabs), while in the main editing window you can press Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab

Get used to moving between open windows with Ctrl+arrows and cycling the buffers with Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab, you will make wonders.

For now, these tweeks work great for me but feel free to add plugins to your arsenal and enjoy Vim and Python.


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