Debian Saga – Prologue

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Yesterday was my first day with Debian GNU/Linux.

I can’t say that all went well with the install and actually it all started with the wrong foot. This is why as a GNU/Linux newbie you should pay attention and learn at least the basics very well. At the partition step, i didn’t mark as bootable the root partition and with this mistake hell break loose.

The system didn’t boot, all i get was this:

error: no such device <hex UUID>

grub rescue>

I tried and read everything on the internet regarding this error and nothing happened, it just didn’t boot. And while searching i found on a forum a guy who said about a partition being marked as bootable, like when you do the command:

fdisk -l

and you get all your partition and the bootable partition is marked with a *.

And it struck me!

I’m not a linux guru  and maybe there were other steps to solve the problem, but if you do your first install of Debian with this by your side i think it will help you. I used Debian 5.0.7 DVD (the first DVD in the torrent list on and have to admit that it’s very easy to follow the installation steps. Text install or graphical install, both are great and simple to use.

This is what i did and got my sweet Debian installed (REMEMBER TO BACK-UP ANY EXISTING DATA ON THE HARD-DISK):

  1. Boot with the Debian DVD;
  2. Follow the steps until you are in the partitioning part;
  3. Repartition the hard-disk or format exiting partitions. I made 1 partition for root (MARK IT BOOTABLE 🙂 ), 1 for home and 1 swap (2xRAM on your computer eg. 2 gigs of RAMx2=4gigs the swap partition);
  4. when i get to the GRUB Loader installation, which is the Boot Loader, i install it on the MBR (master boot record) because Debain is the only OS on my computer.

I didn’t get into much detail because it’s not hard to install Debian, just pay attention to what the installer “tells” you.

Have fun!


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