Introducing VariCAD

VariCAD 2007 2.01 running on Windows XP

Image via Wikipedia

Linux has some low presence in some areas like broadcasting media or CAD. I can’t tell you much about broadcasting but my research for production ready CAD software, was split in two:

  1. find a 2D CAD piece of  software;
  2. find a 3D CAD piece of software.

Both above should be free/open-source or affordable.

For 2D CAD i find QCAD, it’s free and it’s in all major distros repositories. Info about QCAD you can also find on this website and soon i’ll post some tutorials.

For the 3D CAD, i found VariCAD, like they say: it’s “powerful yet affordable”!

VariCAD is a 3D/2D mechanical engineering CAD software who is been developed since 1988, beeing built by a czeck company.

It is used in production by many companies for years ranging from different fields. The price tag is around 400 euro which is great for a 3D CAD tool. Don’t think that being affordable means weak, VariCAD is very powerful and easy to use, i may say that it has a Solidworks flavour.

There are others 3D CAD tools for Linux, but the price is very high.

Please check it out, download the trial and browse the online documentation to learn more about it.

More info soon.


2 thoughts on “Introducing VariCAD

  1. Grammar nitpick: That should be, “Find a 2D CAD piece of software” — the word “software” like “hardware” or “clothing” is a collective noun. You don’t have “one clothing” — you have one piece of clothing. Software and hardware are the same.

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