About The Official Ubuntu Keyboard

Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...

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Have you read this article about the Ubuntu keyboard?


ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME ?!?! and some comments……are you guys for real or Ubuntu “fan bots”?!

  1. “A lot of people dual boot” – a lot of people dual boot Linux-Linux like someone commented.
  2. A company who wants to be serious about what they are doing, a company who wants to get Linux to the masses could put some money together to release a UBUNTU Linux product.
  3. It is an epic fail for Canonical to buy some like “cheapest chinese” stock  keyboards, put a sticker on them and be proud of that.
  4. Buying a keyboard like that is like buying a Mercedes with a BMW logo.
  5. Do you think Microsoft will ever release a MS keyboard with a logo other than Windows? NO! Why? Because they have balls of steel. I wish Canonical has balls of titanium but it;s not the case.
  6. If this massed produced stuff is expensive to change they shouldn’t release the keyboard at all. (translation of a romanian saying: “If you’ve shut up, you’ve remained a philosopher”)
  7. I don’t mind using any keyboard with or without the Windows key, but an Ubuntu keyboard with a Windows key is just a very bad image move.
  8. On Linux you can professionally edit photographs. ^-^

Canonical, look how many negative comments, a little patience and doing things seriously and professionally could be an instant hit.


3 thoughts on “About The Official Ubuntu Keyboard

  1. I wish Canonical has balls of titanium but it;s not the case.

    Maybe they don’t, but they also don’t have endless amounts of money.

    That said, I do agree that maybe they shouldn’t have released one at all. But then again this is just perhaps a response to those who keep saying/demanding that Canonical release more merchandise.

      • Putting a sticker on would be worse. Unless it was impossible to remove then there’d be more of a scandal and it’d be shoddier and less professional. I’ve put one of their stickers over the Windows key on my laptop and after six months it’s become quite filthy and has nearly fallen off.

        As for the comment about giving money to the GIMP, I don’t think they have any reason to. It’s not default install so why should they care.

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