LINUX – the problem with too many distros

Tux, the Linux penguin

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As much as i love the Linux community, there are some aspects that in my oppinion are way too absurd.

One of this aspects is linked to a statement of some people that say one of the problem with Linux is that there are so many distros.

My 2 cents: There is no problem with too many distros!

For years people were bragging about the monopoly of Microsoft or Apple, the evilness of those companies and of those software compnies who don’t offer choise to the end-user, about how bad closed source is and they are very sure about the problems Linux has.

In fact, it’s not true what they say and here are my arguments (and how you can choose one):

  • If there are only two major OS like Windows and MacOS, i don’t see a problem to have 100 more, being all Linux/Unix flavors;
  • There are like 5 major distros and all other are derived from those; From hundreds we are down to 5 now;
  • All Linux distros have almost all in common so learning one helps you work very well in all the other distros;
  • The differences from distros can be learned in max. 1 day;
  • You can start with a distro who’s community is very strong and you’ll get the answers to your questions very fast (Ubuntu is the leader here);
  • As time passes, if another distro offers something you are searching for, and think it’s worth switching, do some research and testing and switch;
  • It’s not a must do as a Linux user to install all the distros during your lifetime as some do, stick with one. I don’t think there will be reasons to switch distros more than 3 times in your lifetime.
  • If you have a few problems with a distro, i don’t think switching is a solution, fixing the problem is more fun.
  • I never get a RTFM to a linux question and i think those cases are myths;
  • I’ve only used Ubuntu and openSUSE;
  • Don’t take for granted everyone say about how bad is Linux, if you are reading this you are interested in Linux and take this for granted…Linux works great.

Have fun my friends!


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