UBUNTU 10.10 the Maverick Meerkat is here !!!

Ubuntu 10.10 is out !!! Hoooorraaaaayyyyyy !!!

I have just upgraded my system to Ubuntu 10.10 and i’m very proud of it.

I made an online upgrade and things went just fine. As previously online upgrades there were some little issues like the system didn’t want to restart or shutdown but with a few updates everything went back to normal….i don’t know how but Ubuntu got his senses together by himself. I love that!

What i like so far:

  • it’s booting faster
  • the new Ubuntu Font looks nice
  • F-Spot was replaced by Shotwell. Some people didn’t like that, some said that Ubuntu is going the flashy Apple way, but if you ask me, i don’t care if the new Ubuntu logo will be a bitten mango fruit, if it works great, I DON’T CARE! Shotwell works faster than F-Spot ! in my oppinion. (in the past i’ve used gThumb more than F-Spot)
  • the Ubuntu Software Center gets better, good looking and more organized day by day.

I don’t care much about:

  • the integrated social networking and stuff like that because i don’t use it yet.
  • the Ubuntu One Cloud – i don’t use it yet.

Great OS, believe me, a great free OS !


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