Issues so far with Linux [Ubuntu]

As you all know, things are not allways great, green is not allways green so in my “crusade” for getting to master Linux i’ve came upon some issues/limitations/frustrations and above that, many pros to this free OS.

Needs improvement:

  • Flash support – until recently, Flash 10 was not working very good with Firefox, almost all controls in YouTube for example didn’t work. The latest update solves alot of those problems.
  • Games – i really don’t understand exactly why they aren’t many Windows games that could run natively on Linux. Some will say that the Linux market is too small for the trouble but anyways…it would be fun!
  • Software – i personally don’t cry for Microsoft Word or Excel and not even Photoshop or Lightroom and i think Open Office, GIMP and darktable will do the job. But, there is a but, i feel like there is not so much quality in a lot of the free/open source software. I think that if more and more programmers will embrace and support the open source movement, software will get much better. Dont’ get it wrong, i’m very happy with the tools that i have and i’ll love to see them improved.

And that’s pretty much all.

Now you may say, “Hey you stupid idiot!!! How can you say that that’s about it when you complain about software, software being like almost everything in the computer world?!”.

I’m not complaining, i just think it should get better.

Now for the good part (and what 80% (i think) of the people use in a computer):

  • E-mail – i use Thunderbird e-mail client and it works like a charm.
  • Browsing – integrated Firefox
  • Messaging – you can use Pidgin or Empathy with support for Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, Skype, Facebook etc.
  • Music – Rhythmbox can read all music files. It also has free internet music repositories.
  • Movies – MPlayer is great, install it, get a front-end for it (i use SMPlayer) and your Linux box will play any movie and music files known to man. At the same level is VLC.

What do you need more??!!

So what you will normaly and daily use in a computer works great and for the more specific jobs we must have another chat.


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