Getting started with Python


There are very good books on Python out there but as well free/online material but keep in mind that there are tones of it and can be overwhealming and confusing and maybe it’s not clear where to start for a beginner.

In general, the official Python documentation and more specific the Official Python Tutorial (the first tutorial about Python that i’ve read) will get you started.

Also i found that a big list of Python resources is located at , they say there are more then 300.

To narrow the path, here is what  i recommend:

  1. Learn Python the Hard Way (it’s not hard at all and it makes you learn by typing lots of code)
  2. Learning to program – Python by Alan Gauld
  3. A Byte of Python by Swaroop C H
  4. Dive into Python
  5. Very good for beginners, problems with answers (from awaretek’s list)

There are many many mire tutorials out there, try them, this is just what i’ve started with.


Choosing a good editor for your Python programs is a matter of taste and looks and likes. I think a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment) should have a built-in Python console, syntax highlighting, project management capabilities etc.

The ones i like:

Hope it helps! Have fun!


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