Pipeline ideas (free/cheap ones too)

Maybe you are a freelancer, a hobbyst or even a small studio with a very tight budget and you are looking for free or inexpensive tools to get you started with 3D graphics/animation, whoever you are, maybe this post will help you. In fact i will list here also the commercial expensive 3D apps for the sake of making the article as complete as possible. I will try to differenciate on various Operating Systems but i have to tell you that having different OSes on different machines is a common practice.

DISCLAIMER: Maybe the list is not complete with all the possible piece of software out there; i will put the ones I think are the best, most feature rich, developed, used ones or the ones I heard of.

LINUX – FREE Solutions:

All in one:


Render engines:

LINUX – Commercial solutions:

All in one (from 1k up to around 8k):

You can make any combination you like, for example:

  • i model and UV in Wings 3D > Import for rendering in Blender or Kerkythea (for stills) or,
  • i model and UV in Wings 3D > Import in Houdini for rendering and animation.

Try the software you like, buy whatever you want, there are great tools out there and you know, the only limitation is your imagination :).

Have fun!!!


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