Learn animation (and VFX) with Houdini Apprentice

Today i present you  Sidefx HOUDINI Apprentice, the FREE learning edition of Houdini (Linux, Windows, MacOS). It’s a fully functional Houdini (including import/export from/to many file formats) the limitations being:

  • small non obstructive watermark
  • a render size limit of 720 x 576 for oth stills and animation
  • .hipnc [non-commercial] file type
  • no Torque DTS exporter

I use it on Linux Ubuntu 9.10 and it installs and work like a charm and let’s face it, a fully functional 8000$ worth 3d package PLE (Personal Learning Edition) for Linux is not something you find often (there are no PLEs for Maya(anymore), Softimage XSI, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave(not yet) etc.)

You will think, looking at the interface and intro tutorials you will find on the internet that it’s very hard to learn this software but if you concentrate and think of Houdini in a very logic manner, you will be surprised how great and powerful this software is.

What i find to be very interesting (for me) is the Autorig which you can use for learning how to animate, because it’s a fully functional cartoon character rigged for you just to start animating. Sure this is not all you can do, because Houdini is very well known for it’s procedural approach, nodal based workflow and greatest results (i may say) in VFX – particles, soft/hard body, fluids, smoke.

Check the official website and see what this great software can do and use it! If you’re into VFX you’ll be stunned by Houdini’s power.

So good luck!!!


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