Internet is full of rubbish

The Internet is full of rubbish, and i really mean it! My feeling is that 70% or more of the Internet is pure redundant, good for nothing rubbish.

Did you ever wonder why there are:

  • 12.900.900 results in Google for “how to install ubuntu”
  • 85.200.200 results for “cats”
  • 10.700.000 results for “install apache”
  • 106.000.000 results for “how to download from youtube”
  • 228.000.000 results for “top results in google” đŸ™‚

I will use the Ubuntu example here: Why do you have to put on a website a “how to install ubuntu tutorial” if it is on the Official website, i mean…There is this company “Canonical” that makes the free, open-source operating system Ubuntu, one company, who researches, develop, invest, upgrade this OS and i think that they are the ones to tell you how to install this OS, and if you go to you can find install instructions, so why do i nead 12.900.899 more websites to tell me that?

Ok, the “cats” is understandable, because there can be different cats but come on……Apache is just one server and there can be like 1000 different situations based on operating system you are installing, hardware architecture, additional modules, but don’t you think 10.000.000 websites to tell yoy that is a little too much?

Why people can’t get together and put information related to one topic in just one place where can grow and become the ultimate resource center for that topic instead of scattering the same info on million places? (like for example)

This website is not intended to be like gazillion+1 website that tells you the same thing instead we will try to give you critical tips and trinks and point you to great existing resources.

So…have fun!!!


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