Probably the best Ubuntu tutorials website

If you are a Linux beginner and you are looking for a clean, easy to use yet very powerful Linux distribution, i really recommend you Ubuntu. (The latest version is 9.10 also called Karmic Koala).

Off-topic: If you search something on the internet, you are likely to find the same piece of information in hundreds different websites.  I think this is because people want so desperately to grow content. In this blog  i will try to limit content you can find on other really obvious places, like i will never put a “How to install Ubuntu 9.10 tutorial” when you can just go to the Installation Instructions on

I think it will help you much more if i point you, let’s say,  to an application and show my opinions, pros and cons from real time production and let you go to the website, read a little about it, download/install the app following instructions on the official website.

So, one websites packed with very interesting tutorials/tips and tricks for Ubuntu, please go to ……great content and very clean info packed in good looking tutorials and one thingk more…..the guy has waaaaaaaayyyyy too cool themes and wallpapers 🙂


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