Photo Management / Image Viewers

A very good Photo Management software that i find to be great is digiKam. It has RAW Conversion capabilities but to be honest, i’m not impressed… we’ll stick to UFRaw for now and we will get more in depth in a series of tutorials.

Image viewers, uber known in the Linux comunity are F-Spot, Eye Of Gnome, ShowFoto(by the makers of digiKam) etc. but they all lack (or i didn’t find) the main characteristic of an image viewer….THE FILE BROWSER! They all import pictures in/from a folder and then yo can browse that folder, enhance the pictures, batch convert and so on.

But what if you already have like 20 folders of pictures and 50 subfolders, and you need to browse pictures, those programs are useless, and here it comes gthumb. IT HAS A FILE BROWSER!


  • If i have to browse/view multiple folders with pictures, i use gthumb.
  • If i am working with only 1 folder (from a photo shoot maybe), i use digiKam.

This is what i use, all other programs are great too with pros and cons and i suggest you test them yourself. All the programs listed in this post can be installed on Ubuntu from the Ubuntu Software Center (you can install for other Linux distributions via the proprietary Install Application).


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