Things to do after installing Ubuntu

So let’s say i know that Ubuntu is the best distro for me, i have downloaded the installation CD and i am ready to enter in the wonderful, dream like, wonderland world of Linux.

I will not cover the installation issues, because you have the best installation guides on the official and related websites of your distribution, there is no need for another “how to install ubuntu” tutorial, trust me and as i experienced, there are no real problems to install a Linux distribution even it’s openSuse, Ubuntu etc.

Ubuntu is now installed nice and shiny on your machine, what next?

Open a terminal and type this:

sudo apt-get update

Let’s explain this in the simplest way possible:

  • the Terminal will prompt you to enter the root password or super user (notice the su part), enter the password.
  • In Ubuntu Terminal, when you want to login a a super user, enter at the prompt:  sudo -s (it will prompt you for the root password)
  • The apt-get is the command that installs things, you will use that often. The syntax is apt-get install <name of the file/program to install>. In general, as a normal user you should always include the sudo part so you will use the command like this:  sudo apt-get install <name of the file/program to install>.
  • What this command does, it updates and initialise the software repositories (we’ll get into that later). For short, repositories or repos are online(or not) containers for software/libraries/games etc.
  • Until i’ve done this, i couldn’t go to Ubuntu Software Center and install any software.

Now if you want to install software, you can go to Applications>>Ubuntu Software Center, search for the thing you are looking for and hit install.

Have fun!


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