The best Linux distribution

If you want to use Windows or MAC OS, you don’t have that much room to choose a distribution that is currently out, but when it comes to Linux, things are getting  little tricky, but not to make a fuss about it.

There are around 300 (yes! 300 !!!) Linux distribution known and about 10-15 most used ones. So now you are facing with one with the biggest question mankind have, after “Who was first, the egg or the chicken?” or “Who build the pyramids?” or the hardest one…..”What women want?” and that BIG question is:


And my answer will be: THE ONE YOU ARE USING RIGHT NOW !! Or the one you’re downloading, or the one that is on the CD/DVD you have on the desk and wanted to install.

If you are asking that question, you are not a Linux guru, and if you are a Linux newbie i will give you some guidelines i’ve used:

  • do a search on google with the name of the distribution (the one with the mot results might be the most used one, hence the most rapid help you’ll get)
  • stick to the ones that are the most used
  • read some reviews about different distros, but be sure to check reviews by people who know hat they mean, they have a vast experience with Linux, not some newbie wannabe hacker/cracker that heard Linux is cool and just spent the first 2 weeks on a Linux machine
  • check if there are any incompatibilities with your hardware (i never had a problem with that)
  • install the one you think is good for you and play with it; Linux is not that hard if you give it a try and remember this, a wordproccesor seamed hard the first time you opened one.

I am a fan of both openSUSE and Ubuntu but for a new Linux user, i recommend going for Ubuntu; it’s easy to install, easy to use, looks great and the most important thing for a new user, you have the biggest and the most active user base, resulting in the fastest response to your questions and problems.

So…have fun!!!


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