CD/DVD Burning

First thing first, i’m using openSUSE 11.2, Gnome, 64 bit.

I’m using Linux for quite a while and yesterday i needed to back-up my photos, so, i followed this “complicated workflow”:

  1. 1 blank DVD
  2. put it in the DVD Writer (yes! i know it’s a DVD Writer because i’ve burn dvds before with it:) )
  3. open Brasero (the CD/DVD burning software for Gnome)
  4. choose the files to burn

It started to burn and in fact it really burned half of the files but it crashed with big bells and wistles.

So….my really first DVD burning experience with Brasero was a fiasco.

I tryed K3B (the CD/DVD burning software for KDE, but you can install it on Gnome with no problems) and everything went just fine.

I don’t want to bash Brasero, but it didn’t worked for me and K3B saved the day.

So as an advice, if you’re using any of the two (Brasero or K3B) and you keep ruining DVDs, after the first 400 dvds, you can try the other burning software (links above).

Have fun! and yes! On Linux you can burn DVDs! 🙂


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