Meet QCAD !

CAD on Linux is something you can do very easy and for free, but if your budget allows you, you can spend big bucks on great software.

Here i will show you a free tool called QCAD by RibbonSoft.

They are the makers of:

  • QCAD – commercial version and the free version, a 2D CAD software.
  • CAM Expert – commercial version, a CAM extension of QCAD.
  • vec2web – free conversion tool from DXF to bitmap and other formats.
  • DXF Library

The free version is the Community Edition of QCAD, which you can install for free using your Software Management tool of you Linux distribution. EG: in openSUSE (which i use), open Install Software, search for qcad and install it….yes! it’s that simple.

Now you have a free, full of great features 2D CAD tool ready to use.


Image(optional) >> QCAD >> Blender


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