How to root and install Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean) – Motorola Defy Plus (MB526) with bootloader7 (ver.9.1)

This guide will show you my way to root and install Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean) on a Motorola Defy Plus (MB526) with Bootloader 7 (version 9.1). The guide has 2 parts, rooting the device and installing the custom ROM.

DISCLAIMER: I and all developers of those tools will not be held responsible for any damage you will do to your device and i strongly advise you to read all the internet regarding this, and decide if you will go or not this way. Rooting WILL VOID THE WARRANTY of your device. So DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK!!!

NOTE 1: ROMs newer than CM10 will not work unless you have Clockworkmod 6 and up and this guide is not for that!!! No need for details so trust me on that one! ^-^


The device (Motorola Defy+ MB526) stock stats:

System version: 45.0.2310.MB526.AsiaRetail.en.03

Android version: 2.3.6

Kernel version: hudsoncm@il93lnxdroid54#1

Build number:



  1. On your device go to Settings>Applications>Development>Enable USB Debugging;
  2. On your device go to Settings>Applications> Enable Unknown sources;
  3. Download FRAMAROOT to your phone directly and install the apk;
  4. Open FRAMAROOT and just tap Ghimli;
  5. Your Defy+ is rooted!


Now you can install Hiuninstaller and uninstall the system apps (bloatware) you don’t want.

At this point, you can stay pretty happy with the cleaned stock ROM and stop here, but hey, we don’t want that don’t we, we’re hacking and here we go to part 2.


PART 2 – Flashing Cyanogenmod 10:

  1. Download and install on your phone 2nd init – ver.2.3; This version has the Clockworkmod 5.x version (now you understand the NOTE 1 at the beginning of the post);
  2. Open 2ndinit and press Install bootmenu – the red text will become green after successful install;
  3. Download and put on the root of you SD card Quarx CM10 mod and GoogleApps ; NOTE 2: Here i made some mistakes and downloaded the latest CM10 mod (around july-sep 2012) and the GoogleApps (august 2013) and things went pretty bad: nu keyboard, no network, nu USB recognition. What i did was to flash a prior CM10 version and Google Apps around the date of the CM10 ROM. The links on step 3 are the ones that are as much as posibble new and are working together!
  4. Power Off your phone (when you Power On, be prepared when the phone LED turns Blue);
  5. Power On the device and the LED turns Blue, press the Volume Down button;
  6. Navigate through the menu with the Volume buttons and accept with the Power button and use the Back or Go Back links to go back up one level of the menu;
  7. Go to Recovery, create a nandroid backup of your current ROM, if things will go bad you will restore your old ROM. So go to “Backup and Restore”, and then select “Backup” again, backup all;
  8. Select the wipe data/factory reset;
  9. Select wipe cache;
  10. From the main menu, select Advance and wipe Delvik cache;
  11. Select “Install Zip from SD Card” > “Choose Zip from SD Card” and select the ROM zip file you put on the root of your SD card;
  12. Wait! ^-^
  13. Repeat step 11 to install the Google Apps package also on the root of your SD card;
  14. Go Back and select “Reboot System Now.”
  15. Waaaaaaaaiiit!!! The first boot will take tones of time to load so be patient O.o; If you think you are waiting way to long: take off the battery, put it back, go in Recovery (when the LED goes Blue, press the Down Volume button) and do steps 8, 9, 10, after that Reboot.

New device stats:

Android version: 4.1.1

Enjoy JellyBean! ^-^

PLEASE DONATE to the makers of Framaroot and Cyanogen mod.
If you choose to DONATE TO THIS WEBSITE, I will donate myself to Framaroot and Cyanogen! ^-^

Speed boost for Dolphin browser

What if the fastest android browser (Dolphin) is running slow?!

It’s pretty dead simple: just don’t use themes !!!

From the day i put a theme on Dolphin, i saw a drastic decrease in speed so after a few weeks i removed the theme and stayed with the plain default green color.

How to remove the theme:

  1. slide your finger from the right (facing the phone) edge of the screen;
  2. tap Themes;
  3. tap Color and chose a plain color of your taste;

NOTE: i’m doing this on my super fast as a slug Motorola Defy plus, so on other devices, Dolphin will work great with Star Wars running live as a background.

Happy birthday to my blog!!!

Today, i mark 3 years of blogging on with

Thank you all for 55.395 views (118 best ever views)!!!

Hope you will enjoy the following articles.

Thank you and remember that everything you do, always have fun!!!


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Open/save .xls email attachments on Android

It comes a time in your android phone owner saga when you will receive an email with an excel file attached, you open the email with the stock email app, and surprise, “unsupported file type” and you can’t view or download the file.

Of course if you use the Gmail app with your Google account it’s alright, you can preview and download an .xls file but what if you don’t use the Google email account?!

So what?! Why should Google care if you want to use another email app or some crazy email account you use for 15 years?! How they can filter your life?!

Luckily there is a solution:

  1. Install K-9 email app from F-Droid, check the installation process here;
  2. Setup your email account: i entered the email and password and K-9 handled all the setup process.
  3. There are lots of settings, but all i did was to setup the download folder to /mnt/sdcard/Messaging (in the K-9 app, tap Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous > Save attachments to…). The default path is the root of your sdcard and i don’t find it convenient.

K-9 is a full featured email client and you can open and save excel files.

Have fun! ^-^

Opensource apps on your Android device

If you don’t get the most from the apps you find on Google Play store or you want to use opensource apps on your android phone, you should definitely install F-droid.

From the official website:

“The F-Droid Repository is an easily-installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The server contains the details of multiple versions of each application, and the Android client makes it easy to browse, install them onto your device, and keep track of updates.”

How to install:

  1. On your phone, go to Settings > Applications > check Unknown sources;
  2. On your phone browser go to;
  3. At the beginning of the website you will find the link to install the F-droid app (apk);
  4. Open the app;
  5. Tap the Menu button on your phone and tap Update repos;
  6. Wait;
  7. Again Tap the Menu button on your phone and tap Search (or you can just browse the apps);
  8. Search the app you want and install it. NOTE: When you get an app you want to install, tap the app and tap the Menu button and the Install button will appear.
  9. Once in a while do point number 4 and 5 to check for updates.

Have fun! ^-^

How to optimize performance on your Android device

Device used: Motorola Defy Plus (MB526)

When you buy and Android device, it will run as smooth as velvet, but as time passes, and you install more apps, more background services will run because those apps will synchronize, check for updates etc.

My device have 512 MB of RAM and a 1 GHz Cortex-A8 TI OMAP 3620 processor and things were getting heavy and the device started to move like a slug.

What have i tried:

  1. I installed Advanced Task Killer Free – the app have a very low footprint, it installs a shortcut on the taskbar and i made a habit to swype down the notification panel, tap on the app and tap on kill processes and boom, RAM freed.
  2. Things were not getting as smooth as i wanted because i wanted besides a RAM booster, an app that can also clean junk files (and yes, an Android device will get lots of junk files that occupy space) and i searched on the internet ways of how to boost performance of an Android device and i came to 2 apps: NQ Android Booster and Clean Master.
  3. I enabled first NQ Android Booster, an app that won numerous awards. It has this big and simple Optimize button that can free RAM in a breeze. It also have a data plan watcher that requires you to set in the settings the billing date, maximum traffic and how much have you used by now and it manages all in the background and warns you when you’re about to finish the traffic in your data plan. The second great thing is a battery manager where you can set different presets that are also customizable. What i have found also great is the widget that enables you to do lots of things in one widget: boost the RAM, enable/wi-fi, enable data, dim the brightness of the screen. The thing is, after a few days with NQ Android Booster, my device was working like hell so i tried Clean Master and i am now, the happier Android device owner in terms of performance.

I uninstalled NQ Android booster, because i found it a big memory hog, BUT, and hear me, i say BUT, you guys having those new and powerful quad-core, 1000-core processor devices with tones of RAM, please give NQ Android Booster a shot, the widget is awesome and the simplicity of the Optimize button will save you. It just doesn’t do the trick on my device.

I also uninstalled Advanced Task Killer Free, not because it suck but because Clean Master does what Task Killer is doing.

So my setup for a smooth Android experience:

  1. Turn OFF, GPS, WI-FI, Data, Bluetooth, if you’re not using them.screenshot_00008
  2. Tap Menu button > Settings > Display > Brightness, uncheck automatic and set the brightness to around 25%. Again, it works ok for my device.screenshot_00028 screenshot_00030 screenshot_00032
  3. Go back to Display settings and tap Animation and set it to No animations. You wont get the animations when you navigate to the device screens but you will notice a boost in speed.screenshot_00034 screenshot_00035
  4. Also on Display settings, go to Screen timeout, and set it to 30 seconds or 15 seconds.screenshot_00039
  5. Exit the Display settings and enter Battery & data manager > check Data saver. It will save you data plan traffic. Beware: on data you will not be able to install apps, the Play Store will wait for a WI-FI connection, so if you want to install an app, make sure to uncheck that.screenshot_00051screenshot_00049
  6. Go back to Battery & data manager and go to Battery Mode. Check Maximum battery saver.screenshot_00055 screenshot_00057
  7. Now setup Clean Master:screenshot_00101
  8. You get those four buttons: Junk files is used to clean those junk files, Standard is for starters, Advanced enables you to chose what to clean and it also scans more stuff then Standard mode so use it it wisely.screenshot_00129 I don’t use Privacy and App Manager. Memory boost gives you a list of all open apps and a Clean button to close those apps. Also here, on the upper right corner you have an icon with a house and a plus sign, tap that to place a widget on the screen for a cool Memory boost widget button. That way you don’t have to go in the app to boost the memory, just tap the widget.
  9. Tap the vertical three points on the upper right of the up and go to Settings. Those are my settings and work great for me.screenshot_00101 screenshot_00103 screenshot_00105 screenshot_00108

So to summarize, all i did was play with the Settings of the device (Display, Battery & data manager) and setup Clean Master and that’s it, those are all the apps that keep my device snappy.

Again, i’m not saying other apps are bad, the apps i’m using do the job well on my device. Any suggestions are welcome!

Have fun and enjoy!


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